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Other than the fact that Rhino's are basically chubby unicorns with superpower strength (seriously though, rhino's can lift more than 75 tons!), the name itself comes from the nickname given to the owner of the company, Ryan. Having been called Rhino all his life, he knew that when he started his own business one day that this nickname would have to be integrated into the brand. It represents the strength he has as a burn survivor and the "thick skin" he gets from the challenges he's overcome. 

Ryan comes from a family of entrepreneurs, with parents and siblings all doing their part as business owners or managers. After developing a new found love for glazed almonds, he teamed up with an expert of over 10 years experience in the food vendor and restaurant industry to help bring his vision to life. Fran, his adoring mother, is his right hand gal for the job! 

As a resilient burn survivor with parents who bend over backwards for their children, Ryan's personal goal for the company is to be successful enough that he can take care of his parents as they enter into their elder years. He wants his mother, a recent breast cancer survivor, to be able to travel the world and experience life fully as she and her husband inch closer to retirement. Ryan has grown up seeing how hard his parents work to support their family while giving back to the burn survivor community along the way, and he wants nothing more than to give back to them for all they've done for others. 

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